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  • Ibanez JEM77-FPB Steve Vai Signature 1991

Ibanez JEM77-FPB Steve Vai Signature 1991

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Ibanez JEM77-FP2
The Ibanez JEM77, also known as the JEM77 FP2 (Floral Pattern 2) is a JEM series guitar model and signature model of American guitarist Steve Vai, introduced in 2010. 
It is the fifth JEM known as the JEM77 and the third floral pattern JEM after the original JEM77 FP and Blue Floral Pattern.
Features include a basswood body, the Edge tremolo also revived in 2010 and DiMarzio Evolution pickups. 
It is the first JEM with the DiMarzio Evo 2 as the stock bridge pickup. It also marks the return of the cutaway heel neck joint not used for a JEM since the last Floral Pattern in 2004.
Like with the first Floral Pattern JEM, the finish of the JEM77 FP2 is created with actual floral pattern cloth on the body and headstock. 
The fabric is glued to the body, the edges are painted black and then fully clear coated.
Basswood Body 
Maple Neck 
W/6105 Frets 
Edge Tremolo 
DiMarzio Evolution Neck Pickup 
DiMarzio Evolution Middle Pickup 
DiMarzio Evo 2 Bridge Pickup 
Chrome Hardware 
Finish: Floral Pattern 2
Incl. Ibanez Prestige Case
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